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Exterior Plastering

Homebuilders and Homeowners turn to Cen Cal Plastering for their plaster needs. These highly skilled workers take the time and care necessary for a job well done. Cen Cal Plastering’s patient work ethic results in a superior product that will give clients complete satisfaction.

Exterior Plastering
One Coat Stucco Systems

One popular variation of the Three Coat Stucco System is referred to as the “One Coat Stucco System”. The name “one coat” is misleading. The One Coat Stucco System substitutes the scratch coat of stucco with a one-inch thick foam board. The requirements for the brown and texture coats are the same for both stucco systems. All finish options are the same for both stucco systems.

One Coat Stucco has the appearance and advantages of traditional three coat stucco, but with increased energy efficiency, lower labor costs, and schedule savings. One coat stucco base coat is a factory prepared blend of Type I-II Portland cement, chopped fibers and proprietary ingredients field mixed with sand, water, and an optional admix. One Coat Stucco is applied as a single base coat 3/8-inch to 1/2-inch thick followed by a required finish coat. One Coats advantage is will last decades with little maintenance. It can withstand years of weather and physical abuse. Only requires one base coat application and finish coat can be applied in as little as 24 hours after the brown coat. Reduces the exterior cladding weight by approximately 50%.

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