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Interior Plastering

Homebuilders and Homeowners turn to Cen Cal Plastering for their plaster needs. These highly skilled workers take the time and care necessary for a job well done. Cen Cal Plastering’s patient work ethic results in a superior product that will give clients complete satisfaction.

Interior Plastering
Unsurpassed Quality

It takes years of training to apply stucco and plaster the way it needs to be done. Cen Cal Plastering employs many of the best plasterers around and our quality is unsurpassed. Plastering becomes a decorative accent to the interior surface. The color movement and 3D appearance of colored veneer and Venetian plasters is very appealing.

Plasterers are skilled members of the construction industry who skillfully apply coatings of plaster to interior walls and ceilings to make buildings more decorative, soundproof, and fire-resistant. The plaster coating is comprised of a 1/8-inch thick coat of plaster material over a gypsum (drywall) base. After the first coat sets (or hardens), a selected finish coat is applied.

Decorative effects such as swirls, stipples, and sand finishes are created by using floating or skipping maneuvers with various hand tools and mold and install decorative designs for cornices, paneling, and ceiling recesses for light fixtures.

V Finish is a high-performance, 100% acrylic, interior polished finish plaster that resembles marble-like surfaces. V Finish provides a dependable, low maintenance finish, with an astonishing rich appearance.

Titan finishes utilize variously colored and sized quartz aggregates set in a pure acrylic emulsion binder to produce a decorative finish with beautiful color variation and texture. These finishes are highly abrasion and impact resistant and may be used both on interior or exterior surfaces.

Travertino Finishes are cementitious interior/exterior coatings manufactured with integral color and a mixture of various size aggregates designed to achieve a variety of sedimentary stone appearances. Standard Travertino uses larger aggregate sizes and can create a more pitted look like that of classic Tuscan stone. Travertino Fine has smaller aggregates, so it creates a more smooth stone appearance. Both finishes may have designs carved into them during application and can be used to cast special shapes. Travertino an excellent choice to create a beautiful, warm sedimentary stone appearance with a lower cost, lower weight, and shorter lead time than real stone.

Tadelakt is a unique blend of marble dust, fine marble aggregate, slaked aged lime and other materials, which is designed to create a beautiful smooth, medium to very high polished finish that blends perfectly in multicolored applications. Inherently water-resistant and durable, Tadelakt can be used on a variety of exterior and interior surfaces, including showers.

Bel Marmo Finish is a unique blend of marble dust, marble aggregate, and slaked aged lime, which can achieve a classic Marmorino finish with either a smooth or distress texture and a matte finish. Inherently water-resistant and durable, Bel Marmo can be used on a variety of exterior and interior surfaces, including showers.

Venezia Finish is a unique blend of marble dust, slaked aged lime, and other materials for the authentic Venetian plaster polished finish. When applied in layers, Venezia Finish creates a rich color variation that gives the perception of depth. It is designed to achieve a variety of finished looks while maintaining its workability and performance.


Bel Marmo

V Finish





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